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CitySolar Smart Bin

Setting New Standards with 3-in-1 capacity solution

The Advanced 100% Solar-Powered Smart Compacting Bin

CitySolar is a 100% solar-powered smart compacting bin and it provides a modern solution for urban smart waste management. Its accurate fill-level measuring system and real-time notification system make waste management easier and more efficient. CitySolar is designed and tested to fully function in limited light availability such as Nordic countries.


Paving the Way to a Cleaner Environment

By choosing CitySolar smart compacting bin, you can reduce the need for waste transport and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions up to 90%. Choose CitySolar – a modern and sustainable solution for urban waste management!

Why CitySolar Smart Bin

Standard Features

Optional Features


Powered by 100% solar energy and constructed with durable, 90% recyclable materials, CitySolar Smart Compacting Bin is designed with sustainability in mind. With field-replaceable panels that can be effortlessly changed in under 10 minutes, it not only reduces maintenance needs and costs but also ensures uninterrupted waste management performance in the field.

Cost Savings

The compacting feature of CitySolar smart bins helps to increase their capacity up to 2000 litres, reducing the frequency of collection needed. Cut costs and emissions by 90% with CitySolar Smart Bin. By optimizing waste collection through intelligent sensors, our Smart Waste Bin reduces unnecessary pickups, leading to significant savings. 

Cleaner Cities

Say goodbye to overflowing bins and hello to efficient, sustainable waste management with CitySolar Smart Bin! When the waste is compacted, the bins are not overflowing and attracting pests like rats and flies.  The foot pedal opening for hatch promotes a more hygienic and hands-free experience for people.


Holds up to 2000 litres of waste - Over 16 times more than Standard 120-litre litter bins

Why settle for less? The CitySolar smart bin contains patented technology and has a compaction ratio of 5:1 on average.  CitySolar fits up to 2,000 litres of litter. Choose from three different wheelie bin capacities: 120 liters, 240 liters, or 360 liters. With options to suit your specific waste management needs, CitySolar provides customizable solutions for efficient and effective waste collection and disposal.

Join the climate neutral journey

These cities have already chosen CitySolar Smart Bin as their smart waste bin solution in their journey towards carbon neutrality. Join the ranks of these cities and take a step towards a sustainable future with solar-powered CitySolar smart compacting bin – an innovative and eco-friendly solution for modern waste management.

CitySolar Smart Bin
CitySolar Smart Bin Tallinn
TALLINN, Estonia
CitySolar RAL 7024 Smart Bin Helsinki Tuomiokirkko
CitySolar Smart Bin in Riga Latvia
RIGA, Latvia
CitySolar Smart Compacting Bin Oslo
OSLO, Norway
CitySolar Smart Bin with custom stickers
TURKU, Finland
CitySolar Pays de l'Or Montpellier France

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