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CitySolar Smart Bin -
The Future of Smart Waste Management

Introducing the CitySolar Smart Bin – the revolutionary waste compacting smart bin, powered by 100% solar power. With its patented technology, this bin is set to redefine smart waste management. Experience unparalleled efficiency with the CitySolar Smart Bin’s massive capacity of up to 2000 liters, designed to tackle waste head-on. 

City Solar Smart Compacing Bin - solar bin

Customizable 3-in-1 Capacity Solution

With our new CitySolar smart bin, you have the option to switch between two standard wheelie bin sizes and a liner: 240 liters with or without a 120L liner, and 360 liters. This adaptability ensures that you can easily scale the bin’s capacity based on the waste generation of your location, whether it’s a bustling city center or a smaller community area. Say goodbye to the constraints of fixed-size waste containers and embrace the convenience of tailored waste collection.

CitySolar smart bin vs traditional litter bins
CitySolar with 240 l wheelie bin + 120 l inner liner
0 liters
CitySolar smart bin vs traditional litter bins
CitySolar with 240 l wheelie bin
0 liters
CitySolar smart bin vs traditional litter bins
CitySolar with 360 l wheelie bin
0 liters
CitySolar Smart Compacting Bin

Setting New Standards

Citysolar compacting smart bin not only compacts waste but also reduces both operating costs and the carbon footprint by up to an astounding 90%. Say farewell to inefficiency and embrace a greener, more sustainable future.


With its unique, patented compression system, the CitySolar Smart Bin transforms waste management, effortlessly streamlining operations while preserving the environment. Welcome to the future of waste management with CitySolar Smart Bin – innovation at its finest.

Advantages of CitySolar Smart Bin

Cost Savings

CitySolar helps reduce emptying costs up to 90% by streamlining waste collection and reducing overflowing bins. With a payback time of up to just one year, they offer a rapid return on investment. 

Improved Aesthetics

CitySolar Smart Bin promotes cleanliness and creates a safer, more pleasant environment. Choose them to transform your urban space and promote sustainable waste management practices.


CitySolar solar-powered trash compactor promotes efficient waste collection routes, leading to fewer collection trips and up to 90% reduced CO2 emissions from transportation. Additionally, 95% of the materials used in CitySolar Smart Bins are recyclable.

Efficiency and Safety

CitySolar Smart Bins streamline the emptying process of 240L wheelie bins, minimizing manual handling risks for waste collection personnel and ensuring safety.

Lower Lifecycle Costs

CitySolar Smart Bins are built to last, minimizing lifecycle costs and maximizing efficiency with high-quality materials and revolutional quick (10min), easy panel replacement on the field.

Product Information


Galvannealed steel with highest corrosion class of C5

Total height 1490 mm

Total width 770 mm

Bin volume 120 L / 240 L / 360 L

Compaction ratio 5:1

System voltage 12 V

Scandinavian Design

The CitySolar smart compacting bin features a sleek and minimalist Scandinavian-inspired design, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Its streamlined form is both functional and visually appealing, incorporating advanced solar-powered technology to make waste disposal more efficient. Read more about us and the story behind CitySolar Smart Bin.


The CitySolar solar-powered trash compactor is manufactured in Finland in our factory. It is made of high-quality galvannealed steel that significantly improves the product’s resistance to corrosion and makes the material easier to paint. Our own paint shop ensures good control of the surface treatment process that leads to the perfect result. CitySolar smart bin has been designed taking into account the needs of both the end user and the maintenance.

CitySolar Smart Bin 2023 scandinavian design

Key Features of CitySolar Smart Bin

CitySolar smart bin 100% solar powered

100% solar-powered

CitySolar solar compacting bin is designed and tested to fully function even in limited light availability such as Nordic countries.

CitySolar smart bin customizable capacity

3-in-1 capacity solution

Ability to change capacity from 120L, 240L or to 360L depending on preference or seasonal needs.

You can adjust the capacity by using a standard 240-liter wheelie bin or by adding a 120-liter aluminum inner liner to the bin.

Replaceable Panels of CitySolar smart bin

Replaceable panels

Field-replaceable panels, which can be swiftly changed in under 10 minutes, minimizes radically costs from vandalism and extend the product's lifespan.

CitySolar smart bin - biggest capacity on the market

Biggest capacity on the market

Up to 2000 litres of compacted waste! This equals up to 10 standard 240 litre bins of uncompressed waste. A patented compaction system enables maximum reach to compact all the way to the bottom.

CitySolar smart bin Fire-safe and corrosion free materials

Fire-safe and corrosion free materials

CitySolar is made of SST and unique galvannealed steel with highest corrosion class of C5. The materials significantly improves the fire safety and resistance to corrosion.

Patented compacting system

A patented compaction system enables you to use maximum reach which results in the waste being compacted all the way
to the bottom.

CitySolar smart bin Precise filling level measurement

Precise filling level measurement

Patented fill-level technology delivers accurate results and helps prevent costly and unnecessary collections.

Real time data on cloud service

FinbinCare cloud service including usage (hatch openings) data reporting.

CitySolar smart bin - Manual or mechanical emptying

Manual or mechanical emptying

CitySolar solar-powered trash compactor can be emptied by mechanical means such as modern trucks or by manual handling.

CitySolar smart bin to your liking

Customize to your taste

CitySolar Smart Bins can be customized with various stickers, wraps, and colors from the RAL color chart to match the aesthetics of your space.

CitySolar smart bin - Hands-free opening

Hands-free opening

Foot pedal allows hands-free opening of the bin lid, promoting a hygienic waste disposal experience.

CitySolar Smart Bin Accessories

CitySolar Solar-powered Smart Bin
CitySolar 2023 scandinavian design

New Accessories Coming Soon