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CitySolar Smart Bins in the Capital City of Latvia

In their pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable environment, McDonald’s has joined forces with SIA Rīgas meži to implement innovative waste management solutions in the capital city of Latvia. By installing CitySolar smart waste containers equipped with solar-powered mechanisms, they aim to enhance waste disposal practices and promote sustainability in the urban landscape. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in creating a cleaner and more pleasant environment for both residents and visitors alike.

CitySolar Smart Bin in Riga Latvia

Harnessing Solar Power for Smarter Waste Solutions

People in Latvia enjoy McDonald’s meals both at the 14 McDonald’s restaurants across the country and as takeaways for consumption outside the premises, whether at home, on the streets, or in parks. 


As a responsible company, we prioritize packaging and actively develop solutions to reduce waste. This year, McDonald’s has partnered with Rīgas meži for the first time to encourage residents to dispose of their used packaging responsibly by using the waste containers. The installation of smart waste containers in parks managed by Rīgas meži offers a modern and convenient waste disposal solution, motivating people to not only take care of their McDonald’s meal packaging but also other waste, fostering a clean and pleasant environment in the capital city“, says Vladimir Janevski, McDonald’s manager for the Baltic countries.

Commitment to a Clean Environment and Efficient Waste Management

We are pleased that increasingly smart, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions continue to be implemented in the areas we manage. The new waste containers will undoubtedly make a significant difference for our employees on a daily basis. Some of our most beautiful areas, such as Bastejkalns, Operas skvērs, and Vērmanes dārzs, will be even cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. It is also gratifying to know that we are not alone in our commitment to a clean environment and the implementation of sustainable solutions, as we have new and like-minded partners!” says Anita Skudra, Chairperson of the Board of SIA “Rīgas meži.

Streamlining Waste Management Processes and Promoting Sustainability

These new smart bins not only provide residents with the convenience of disposing of their waste but also reduce the number of maintenance visits required by Rīgas meži employees, streamlining waste management processes in Riga and making them more sustainable. The new CitySolar smart bins also feature a special visual design tailored to the park environment, created in collaboration between McDonald’s and Rīgas meži.


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